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Operating Hours

At My Side K9 offers flexible scheduling to fit your needs!

Private Lessons are available seven days a week from 9am to 3pm, text or call to schedule! We typically book one to two weeks in advance, so don't wait!

Group classes are scheduled through Hipster Hound, see below for more info!

Our Board and Train program operates year round and currently we are booking one to two months in advance, contact us today!


Area Serviced

Most of our clients reside in the highlighted area of the map, however we have served pups from New York to Pennsylvania, Tennesee to Michigan, and more! So if you're too far for a private lesson don't fret! We may still be able to help, contact us anyway!


Here is what we provide, text or call to schedule!

Private Lessons

One Hour | $75

Ben will come right to you, you can meet in a park or other location that fits your training needs, or you can come out to our farm for your one hour session during which we will focus on one to two issues. By the end of the session your pup will have an understanding of what we are asking of them, and you will have the tools to continue training and reinforcing good habits.
There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions, meaning we can work until your goals are met with no pressure! Text or Call to schedule. We typically book one to two weeks in advance, so don't wait!

Group Classes

Four classes over four weeks | $150

Located at and scheduled through Hipster Hound, Diamond Causeway location.
You and your pup will join a small group to learn basic commands including Come, Sit, Free, Heel, and Mat. Four weekly sessions lasting one hour each lays a great foundation for a well-adjusted pup! This program is an excellent value not only because it bundles multiple lessons together, but also because the group setting has the added benefit of socializing your dog!

Board and Train

10 Days | $2000

Your dog will come and stay at our farm for 10 days, training, socializing, and playing the whole time. Ben will teach them basic obedience and manners such as no-jump greeting, heeling, recall, and more. By the time your pup comes home they will have a complete skill set, and Ben will come to you one or two days later to teach you everything they know! In this amazing deal, another follow up lesson is included about a week later. You will also gain access to Ben's lifelong support, he will be available for touch up work as needed and you can always reach him with questions and concerns.
Not sure if you want to commit to sending your dog off right away? We understand! Ben is happy to roll a private lesson or two into the cost of your Board and Train. This program operates year round and typically books one to two months in advance, contact Ben today to book!

Puppy Board and Train

2 to 3 months, dependent on age | $5000

Struggling with potty training? Needle teeth ripping up furniture? Ben is here to help! In this unique program, your puppy will come and stay at our farm for up to three months, depending on their age. During this time they will spend every day playing, socializing, and of course training! Ben will lay a foundation for lifelong obedience, and by the time your puppy comes home they will be more than well-adjusted. We understand that sending your brand new puppy away for months can be daunting, so feel free to set up a Private Lesson to evaluate your needs and decide if this program is right for your pup!


Short & Long Term | $50 per Night

Ben offers nightly boarding at his farm exclusively to his clients. There is no minimum or maximum length of stay, you can book at your convenience. We accept a maximum of 10 to 15 dogs at a time so book in advance! Visit our FAQ page for more information!

Get in Touch

Feel free to text or call during normal business hours, otherwise leave a message here and we will respond as soon as possible!


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